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Check your egg
How you can determine Freshness of eggs

Check your egg

Now all eggs sold in the EU are stamped with a traceability code. You can always trace your eggs back to the manufacture by the stamp on each egg. The code precisely indentifies from which farm the egg comes.

The ProOvo eggs have the number: 3 SK SC 1-6 and are from the farm in Bernolákovo.

The first figure in the code indicates production type:
0 = Organic eggs - BIO
1 = Free range eggs
2 = barn
3 = cage.

The letters SK means that the egg is produced in Slovakia.

The last digits are the manufacturer's unique registration number.

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How you can determine Freshness of eggs

The „Best Before Date” is the best way to determine the freshness of an egg. This indicates that the eggs are Grade A quality, as long as they have been properly handled and the date has not passed.

• A grade A egg has a firm white color, a small air cell at the wide end, and a centered yolk.

• Fresh eggs will sink in water while an older egg will float. As an egg ages, the size of the air cell inside increases, causing it to float.

• In a fresh egg, the yolk sits up high, and the white is thick and closely surrounds the yolk. An older egg has a flat yolk that breaks easily and a thin, watery white.

• How do you tell the difference between a raw egg and a hard-boiled egg? Spin it. A hard-boiled egg spins longer than a raw egg. The liquid center in a raw egg prevents it from building up enough momentum to keep turning.

• A cloudy egg white is a sign of freshness, not age: the cloudiness is the result of the high carbon dioxide content when the egg is laid.

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