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Quality eggs

Meet the Farmer


ProOvo is based in Slovakia and is focused on the production of eggs from the rearing of hens to the classification, packing and distribution of eggs. Today ProOvo consists of two farms, one for rearing of hens in Svätý Jur, and one for production of eggs in Bernolakovo.

The company was founded in 1967 by three agricultural companies within the Bratislava region as the District Poultry Association aimed at producing eggs for consuming. In 2003, the company was taken over by a larger agricultural company Polnovakia Agrar, which made substantial investments in the two farms. This included a complete reconstruction of the facilities, meaning ProOvo's egg production today complies with all norms of the European Legislative on egg-hens´ rearing, egg producing, grading and classification as well as the sale of eggs.

The company holds its own production of hens based on the purchase of day-old chicks from an external partner. ProOvo hen farm has a total capacity of 178.000 hens production. With average production cycles the farm can produce around 48 - 50 million eggs annually. The eggs are primarily sold to retail shops in Slovakia.

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Quality eggs

Quality is key for ProOvo and we want to produce quality eggs for the consumer. It is our responsibility to ensure the production processes resulting in consistent and high quality eggs. This means quality in all parts of the egg production from the control of raw materials in the fodder as well as the quality control of our final fodder mixtures, health of our hens, collection of eggs from the barns, classifying and packing of eggs, to the final step which is distribution of eggs to the retail stores.

As a consequence of this focus, we demand a lot from ourselves and our partners, securing all our equipment and facilities are in good conditions. We adapted continuously all our technologies so they comply with all requirements within the SK/EU legislations for animal welfare and food safety.

For further description see the section under Quality and Safety.

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Farm in Svätý Jur:

ProOvo a.s.
Krajinská cesta 273
900 21 Svätý Jur

Farm in Bernolákovo:

ProOvo a.s.
Trnavská 1
900 27 Bernolákovo

IČO: 340 997 86

Tel: +421 245 993 215
Tel. orders/sales: +421 905 017 090 (Ing. Szilard Both)

Email: szilardboth@proovo.sk

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ProOvo is member of Polnovakia Agrar group

ProOvo a.s. is owned by Polnovakia Agrar, s.r.o., that has also a number of other daughter companies, geographically spread around Slovakia. Polnovakia Agrar, s.r.o. holds productions of: eggs, grain, pork meat, fodder. Further we have storage of grain for different partners.

The vision of Polnovakia Agrar, s.r.o. is to be among the leading agricultural companies in Slovakia focusing on the production of high quality products and to expand and develop our capacities to meet market requirements for a range of agricultural products.

Polnovakia Agrar, s.r.o. sells the majority of its agricultural products to the Slovak market, but also exports to countries such as Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Germany.

In total, Polnovakia Agrar,s. r.o. employs approximately 200 people in Slovakia.

Find more information on  www.polnovakia-agrar.sk

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Get closer to our egg farmer

Here you can meet one of our egg farmers, who has worked for ProOvo for more than 35 years. He has had an interest in agriculture and working with animals since he was a child and now he is the Farm Manager with responsibility of ProOvo's egg production. Jaroslav is passionate about hens and egg production keeping focus on quality as well as animal welfare.

Jaroslav Jaslovský

How long have you been working in ProOvo?

From its foundation and constantly since 1975, May 1st. I´ve been working in different positions and therefore gained a lot of knowledge about ProOvo and especially the egg production.

How many eggs are produced and hens bred annually at your farm?

It depends on the average number of hens we have a year on the farm, but in general egg production ranges from 40 to 50 million annually.

How many people work at the farm?

At the farm in Svätý Jur where we breed the chicks, we are three colleagues working together. At our farm in Bernolákovo where the physical egg production, packaging and distribution is carried out, we have 15 colleagues. When moving the hens from the Svätý Jur farm to Bernolákovo farm, we use around 40 part-time workers.

How many years have you worked with egg production?

15 years, directly with eggs.

What is the most important thing for you in egg production?

Good quality, healthy yolk, satisfied customers, and a good price, of course.

What is important to make egg production a profitable business?

To ensure animals everything they need for life (quality fodder, water, air) and thus achieve high production, quality and, of course, great sales.

Why do you like to work with egg production?

I was interested in agriculture and working with animals since I was a child. My dream became my life´s journey. It is a good feeling when I see the results of my work in the quantity and quality of eggs, and I´m very satisfied when the animals produce according to my projection. Also, working with human resources is very interesting, even if conditions in our country are not always easy.

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