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ProOvo eggs

Eggs from ProOvo means quality eggs for our consumers, produced in Slovakia on farms using modern technology with a focus on quality and animal welfare.

The ProOvo hens live in comfort cages with a new design meeting the natural behavior of the birds in the best way possible and fully satisfying all the requirements of animal welfare. The comfort cage fulfills all the requirements of the current European Community guideline.

Based on the global trend an customer demand for improving living conditions of hens we have decided to invest in barns and technology for barn eggs. The first proOvo barn eggs were on the market in December 2012. The hens are can move freely within the barn area, their behaviour and living is much close to their natural enironment.
It its highly likely the improved quality of living is reflected in improved quality of the eggs.

ProOvo eggs are divided into weight classes according to the EU regulations and standards. You can see the various egg weight classes and sizes in the table below.

Eggs can be divided in categories depending on their weight:

  Size   Weight   Name
  S   under 53g   Small
  M   between 53g and 62g   Medium big
  L   between 63g and 72g   Big
  XL   over 72g   Extra big


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